Jayce's last run

Chapter 1.5: Hot as Hell and High water

  • The day started as shit and got worse. apparently I got a BTL that left me unconscious and vulnerable. (what the fuck were you thinking Skunk you dumb shit!) I had less money than I expected and Tex decided that beating me would fix it.
  • In his disgust he left me with the Tweedles to go get to the Bus stop. Our mage, Tweedle Dee decided to accompany Tex via the magic world but quickly came back saying there were two people out front.
  • Expecting an ambush we took to the back alley only to find three more waiting for us. Halcyon, ever the decisive woman decided to matters into her hands and starting throwing magic about like it was candy. I was forced to back her up and lay some smack down on them. Sparks was deadly with the shots he got off. Since we were fighting I figured we could take all five and gather some gear, (gotta make up those creds for Tex!) but Sparks was freaking out; certain there were nine more gangers ready to get us. I was able to loot the guns off three from the alley before running; I was forced to turn and fight when they caught my shoulder (damn cyberarm still makes a clicking noise) I tried to get the other two to run while I slowed the pair down but they insisted on helping me. I tried to get the last to run but Sparks had to put him down, the poor dumb go-ganger.
  • After running for about 15 minutes we figured we were not being followed. I found a guy that showed us a place that had been used as a hideout from the X-ers in the past. I was able to call Tex and tell him of our move. While I was sure he was going to sell us out, things seemed legit (you fucking R-tard Skunk, too damned trustworthy) We holed ourselves up in this beat up old shack with a basement. Halcyon was able to repair the damage done to me and Sparks.
  • About that time Tex found a workable break in the wall out of this retarded Z-zone. (the POS also found food and ate with out us the compassion-less prick) I checked out the node and after too many hours I managed an admin account and looked at things. the cameras were stationary on RFID tags I figured I could just shut off or edit the footage when Tex needed me to. I was coming up on another agent scan of the node and couldn’t risk detection to I left. Sparks was off in La-La land dealing with sprites or some other such nonsense that his hocus-pocus can do.
  • Tex handed me a cold congealed bag of noodles, I was able to gag them down in record time (I said a Krill-(Bur)rito you ASS) of course this god-be-damned Z-zone is out to kill us so the Ex-ers show in force to beat the shit out of us, Tex was debating sending Halcyon and Sparks out to get away while we distracted the gang.
  • Walking into the living room I was able to mathematically figure a way to build a hole (thank you arch-a-TORTURE) Sparks said he could help (note: NEVER LET HIM HELP, unless it is with a gun). We half-assed our way out the front while Tex and Halcyon verbally abused them in the back. The smoke was getting real bad (oh I forgot the fuckers set the house on fire) when I finally broke the surface (it was damn hard staying quiet) Sparks felt he needed to take that last bit of “trash” out of the way, which started the collapse of the tunnel (don’t you know what a fucking brace is) so here I was holding things open and abusing Sparks while yelling at Tex to GTFO.
  • Of course the fucking showboat HAD to one up the piss-ant (we don’t gives those shits the satisfaction you moron) which started a fire fight which nearly killed Halcyon. (I will fucking kill you with my bare cyberware Tex for that, you have been warned) I was able to carry her to Doctor Watson’s place (only place I could think of that could have any hope of fixing her up) only to find a girl there. (Dr. Watson’s niece?) In my state of mind she seemed even more retarded than usual Z-zoner. after a small altercation I was able to see to Halcyon’s wounds. (you are so fucking dead Tex) I guess we scared the girl a bit too much because she went from pissing herself to actually growing a backbone, good for her. While she was insulting I can’t 100% blame her. (when I get regular creds I will repay Dr Watson)
  • Halcyon was at lest conscious and mobile, and I was through with this fucking place, so we moved on to the Wall. Tex took us to the break in the fence, I showed Sparks my admin account into the security node. he went in via AR and immediately went limp (..aw fuck… is all I heard) after laying him out on the ground I jumped in after, only to see that he had the hack under control, I jumped out and picked him up in one arm, halcyon in the other and we waded into the water toward the grate.
  • Just as we were on the other side and nearly on the bank did Sparks wake up. (it was a spider, was all he said) We staggered our way to an empty garage away from all the drones, Tex moved on towards the bus stop. (this better be worth it Tex you fucking Buck Rogers!) Halcyon said she wanted to join him so I set us up in the corner laid her on me so she could be comfortable, and fell asleep myself (one fucking thirty in the morning you god damned piece of shit!) around two Tex came back with yet another spirit.
  • apparently the spirit became a bit of a joke for Tex because he kept asking it questions and it responded “No” many times. Tex resorted to Ro-sham-bo with the spirit, which was comical at first, then became hilarious when it started to beat Tex.
  • then this JC showed up and said something about vampires, if I weren’t neck deep in shit I would PAY him so I could kill those freaks….
  • o-o-o-o-o-o-ohhhh-h-h-h-h s-sh-shit-t-t-t g-g-g-godd-d-d-damed s-s-s-s-shakes are ssssstar-r-r-rt-t-ting up again! f-f-f-fuck! I n-n-n-neeeeed another hit…d-d-d-damned body…



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